Partnering with us

Team setup and collaboration

Igor Tikhonov Hello! My name is Igor and I am a CEO of Wonder Avenue.

Thank you for your interest and let me introduce benefits that our partners receive.

First of all our partners obtain qualified support in solving their issues of the mobile and web development. We have much experience in long-term partnership with companies from USA, Canada, Indonesia etc. and we know all major requirements of the market where our clients work.

If you are interested in reducing Web & Mobile development costs we can offer you two solutions. You can provide us with an information about your tasks and we will do the job for you. Another way is to setup an independent team for your tasks and we will manage all the resources.

Team setup with our management is the best way for companies concentrated on growth. Outsourcing is the best choice in this case because you will save money and you can spend it on marketing tasks.

There are only three basic things we worry about: relationships with our partners, development speed and product quality. If you share these values please contact me via LinkedIn or email.