Services we provide

We want to offer you two main directions of solutionas : web and mobile development outsourcing and setup development teams for your products and business with resource management.

We are located in Ukraine. With us you will save up to 50% of your mobile and web development costs as well as your time.

Contact us and feel free to ask any questions.

Team assembling and outsourcing

You can hire our development teams for outsourcing or we will help you to assemble a successful team in case you need a long-term cooperation with managing all the resources. These guys will work only with your company and your projects. It will be your team and your business. Contact us

Web Development

Our team has extensive experience in web applications development «starting from an idea» and long-term project support. For 7 years we have developed more than 100 e-stores for Eastern Europe, have own ecommerce startups and help our clients with web development. We have enough skills in new web technologies and trends to realize any idea, we can advice our clients how to make their products better.

Mobile Development

You can entrust us the full development of your application, or we will help to improve your idea.

We have experience in Android and iOS development using Swift and Objective-C.

Web Design

What is the role of design? The design should be simple and minimalistic. These are main rules.

We always think about project objectives and about users while creating sketchs and mockups.

Quality Control (QA)

We make users happy when they work with products with no bugs. It's very difficult and we need to work hard but the goal worth it.

Thousands of @todo tickets, hundreds cups of coffee and perseverance help us. We will help you to get more from your products and make your clients happy.


We optimize advertising companies to reduce costs and achieve better quality. A/B testing can provide more information about your users and clients. It's very interesting to work with PPC companies and Remarketing. We use collected statistic data to add improvements to advertising companies.

Technologies we use

Our team is very flexible, we can assemble a team for any needs.

Backend Development

We work with Linux based OS, have experience in Bash scripting language, use Nginx as a web server (or/with Apache if needed). We frequently have much work with PHP based applications and MySQL, MSSQL databases. We have great skills in OOP, MVC frameworks and high load development with CDN integration and load balancing.

Frontend Development

We have enough skills to build frontend with no frameworks, but we love to use CSS Bootstrap. We use jQuery in our projects as JavaScript framework and often write own extensions to it.

Mobile Development

We develop apps for iOS devices and Android. Xcode with Objective-C or Swift and custom libraries are the main tools in our team for iOS development. We prefer a clear reusable code only.

Web Design

We create Mockups in Photoshop, but the idea starts from a sketch. We prefer simple interfaces (UI) that people can understand and we know main rules of UX.

We will be your reliable partner.

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